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    Where do I get Arquillian jar files?

    Rebeccah Quevedo-Prastein Newbie

      I know this seems a really dumb question, but I find the whole way that github is organized...disorganized.  It seems I can never find anything in there, and I just end up clicking links in circles.  OK, introductory rant over, on to the background.  I'm using Netbeans and Tomcat to develop web applications, and am looking for a way to do in-container unit testing and simple automated integration testing of container objects like the servlet context.  Cactus has evidently been abandoned and either requires JUnit 3.8 (I'm currently using 4.4) or requires creating a test suite of a sort that enables a JUnit 4.x runner to run tests written for 3.8.  I haven't tried that yet, and my ongoing search for a current in-container testing framework let me to Arquillian.


      I have never used Maven, so the how-tos on setting up Arquillian to work with Maven aren't particularly helpful at this stage.  I get that Netbeans comes with Maven built-in, but I don't see anything that says that Arquillian itself is built-in, nor can I find anything that says how to add it.  I see examples of how to write tests for it, which is fine, I'm sure I can probably adapt those to my use scenario, but I assume there must be jar files somewhere that I need to add, so that the tests will compile.  It looks like there may be other configuration changes required, as well, but I'm not entirely sure.  I'm perfectly fine with manually deploying my web application within Netbeans and then running a JUnit test suite against it.


      I don't have git itself installed - I'm not a developer of any git projects (or any sourceforge projects or any other open source projects, for that matter), just a user.  I started to install it once before, when I was interested in some other project, and dropped it when I realized how different it was from other revision control systems I've used, and how much effort would be involved in learning it.  I don't mind expending effort to learn new things, but there needs to be a reward at the end that justifies all that effort (both in my eyes and in those of my employer), and grabbing a couple of jar files that I can try to see if the project is likely to be of any use to me hasn't met that bar so far.


      So, any help getting myself oriented to the Arquillian project in github would be appreciated, with particular emphasis on how to I retrieve the pieces (e.g. jar files) that I need to add to Netbeans, and how do I add them to a non-Maven project.