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    Invalid pool connections after DB crash

    k2c Newbie

      Hi to all,

      This is a very commom topic in this forums and i've read a lot of posts on this matter, but unfortunately i did not find any precise answers.

      I have installed the Jboss 2.4.9 and have a bean which accesses a Oracle database.

      The jboss creates a pool of connections to the database and the bean works very well. The problem resides when there is a connection failure with the database because of server crash, network failure or something similar.

      The pool created by jboss becomes invalid and it is not detected by it.
      When i start again Oracle and start a client to access my bean an error occurs and the log file presents the following error:

      Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: No ManagedConnections Available !

      My questions are:

      1. How to detect a lack of db connection and make a flush in the db pool?
      2. More simple, just how to order a complete flush in a pool ?
      3. I suppose this jboss distro does not support well this type of situations (for what i've read). Even tho, how could i change jboss source code to implement this type of feature? And in what .java files?
      4. Which are the source java files that manage the connections pool ?

      5. Is there a way to integrate the jboss 3.2 pool manager in the jboss 2.4 ?

      It might be more simple to upgrade to the new version 3.2 but iam in a situation where we must use the 2.4 distro.

      Thanks to all in advance