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    InfiniSpan: Is having two containers per JBoss Node and then having 3 caches in one container and 9 caches in the second conatiner in no-distributed scenario is good configuration from performance point of view.

    Ankit Kumar Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

                        I am going to configure two containers on each jboss node while using Infinispan cache. One of the container will contain 3 local caches and the other one will contain the 9 local caches for my application that i am migrating from Jboss PojoCache to Infinispan. Could someone please enlighten me on the performance of this Infinispan set up? Also interested to know if increasing the number of containers per node will hit the performance of Infinispan cache OR it is the number of caches per container that will impact the Infinispan cache badly?

      I am just trying to strike a good configuration scenario with a "number or range of numbers" of containers and caches per node in local cache as well as clustered application (in future we may choose to have replicated/distributed cache).