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    How to restore a database connection after network failure?

    Pavel Vosahlo Newbie

      Hi guys,

      We are trying to solve problem with DB connection recovery after TCP-IP link dropout.


      When the DB connection (connected or connecting) isn’t used in time of network
      failure, then the AS knows how to remove the ‘old‘ connection a and establish
      the new one.


      But quite different situation is when the DB connection
      is just executing – info about network failure doesn’t go through JDBC driver to AS and the DB
      connection remains blocked. This leads to total connection pool blocking with
      appropriate unpleasant application consequencies. The only solution is AS



        DB Informix, version 11.7, access via csm

        Application server JBoss Final

        Informix JDBC driver 4.10.2


      Any idea, experience or solution welcome …