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    Loading class files at runtime

    Anshu Gupta Newbie


      I have an EJB based enterprise app and am using JBoss 7.

      I have an initializer class where in I read all my entitites using ClassLoader and store the data in a Hashmap. I want to store all my metadata for the tables in the hashmap.


      I am able to do it successfully on the dev server when I use Eclipse as the deployment are exploded by default by Eclipse. However, when I deploy the app in Production, the .Ear file is not exploded and the class files are not read. This is happening for a lot of other files like .properties as well.


      I want to know how to solve it. I am trying to read the files by getting the URL of the resource which should work ideally in all scenarios but still this issue comes.

      Can anyone let me know how to solve this.