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    is the deployment using *-service.xml no longer supported in JBoss AS7.1.1 Final?

    Ankit Kumar Newbie

      Hi All,

               I have a jboss-app.xml that starts services defined in *-service.xml file. Now I have updated the jboss-app.xml xsd and it is working but when it tries to  deploy the *-service.xml it gives an error. The jboss-app.xml as the following code for deploying property-service.xml





      The property-service.xml has the old xsd but I can not update it coz I do not have the xsd file in jboss defined for it nor could I find on googling.


      Please help me find the xsd in case it is still supported. If not then please guide me how/where can I specify/define the job previously defined in *-service.xml?