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    kerberos sso and server principal name




      We are stuck for weeks trying to configure an helloworld ejb application (not web) with a kerberos authentication. We use JBoss EAP 6.2.


      We currently have the following error when the client requests the TGS : Server not found in Kerberos database (7)

      We set in the client the server principal name with the system property :


      But the sname in the request to the TGS is always "remote/localhost"


      Is it the right way to set the SPN ??


      Also we have no trace about kerberos activity on the server side despite having activate debug mode and trace for org.jboss.security.

      We read that the server first authenticates before the client requests the TGS.

      So is it normal ??


      Any help would be greatly appreciate !




      PS : We didnt find a good tutorial on this and tried to mix several tutorials for web apps. Is it really possible to use kerberos authentication with jboss non web app ?