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    Jboss 6 jmx metric


      We try use jmxtrans-agent.jar to www.jmxtrans.org,


      When we start jboss only with one application and we connect to localjmx we can see all metric, but when we start jboss with jmxtrans-agent.jar and the application, we can see only 'standard' metrics.

      We attach two screenshots One png is the metric we can see into case 1 (jmxtrans-agent.jar and the aplication) and other png is the metric only the application. you can see that we don't have 2 metric jboss.as and jboss.as.expr and those are the metrics we want see.

      Finally we start jboss with this line JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:/opt/jboss/jmxtrans/jmxtrans-agent-1.0.6.jar=/opt/jboss/jmxtrans/jmxtrans-agent-jboss6.xml"

      We think about the problem is that the jboss.as metrics aren't public metrics and jmxtrans can't see metrics, but we don't know if we can change this option into jboss configuration, the truth we don't know if it is the real problem.