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    jbpm-console corrupting the bpmn2 XML

    Arnaud PASCAL Newbie

      Before submitting a Jira issue, I was just wandering if anything is wrong in my use of the jbpm-console.

      Here is the simple test:

      (tested on jBPM 6.0.1)


      - Create a new projecct

      - Update the wid file with the folloing work item definition:


          "name" : "HelloProcessExtension",

           "parameters" : [

               "param1" : new StringDataType(),

               "param2" : new StringDataType(),

               "param3" : new StringDataType(),


           "results" : [

              "result" : new StringDataType(),


          "icon" : "defaultservicenodeicon.png",

          "displayName" : "HelloProcessExtension"


      - Create a new process

      - Add the custom service task "HelloProcessExtension" to the process, and end the process

      - Add a workflow variable to the process as a String value (let's call it _param1_)

      - In the HelloProcessExtension change the assignements to assign the process value _param1_ to the task value param1

      - Save your process and close the Process editor

      - When trying to open the process again, I have the following exception:

      ERROR [org.drools.core.xml.ExtensibleXmlParser] (pool-22-thread-3) (null: 42, 36): cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'bpmn2:dataInputAssociation' is not complete. One of '{"http://www.omg.org/spec/BPMN/20100524/MODEL":sourceRef, "http://www.omg.org/spec/BPMN/20100524/MODEL":targetRef}' is expected.

      ERROR [stderr] (pool-22-thread-3) java.lang.NullPointerException

      ERROR [stderr] (pool-22-thread-3)     at org.jbpm.bpmn2.xml.TaskHandler.readDataInputAssociation(TaskHandler.java:93)

      ERROR [stderr] (pool-22-thread-3)     at org.jbpm.bpmn2.xml.TaskHandler.handleNode(TaskHandler.java:64)



      By editing yhe BPMN2 file manually (XML editor), it seams that the assignement is declared to be sourced to param1

      (See test.bpmn2 attached)

      Thanks for your feedback


      Arnaud PASCAL