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    Problem using foreach inside tabpanel


      I am using Jsf 1.2 (with facelet 1.1),seam 2.2.0 and richfaces 3.3.0 in my project.


      I need to create dynamic tabpanel usinj jstl librairy (1.2)


      My code looks like this:


      <rich:tabPanel id="tapPanel" width="700" rendered="#{myManagedBean.typeObservation!=null and myManagedBean.typeObservation.size()>0}">
              <c:forEach items="#{myManagedBean.typeObservation}" var="cap">
                  <rich:tab label="Tab#{myManagedBean.codeObservation}">

      The problem that even my managed bean is not empty and contains more than one item,i got tabpanel with only one tab.