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    Problem with JBoss Admin Conole

    Sasikanth Padigala Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am having trouble with JBoss admin console access. I have installed JBoss 5.1 on cent os and started successfully. I started the jboss like below


      # ./run.sh -c all -b,


      Since I want all the interfaces to bound. I am able to access the jmx-console and web-console pages but not the admin-console page. I am accessing like

      http://<ip>:8080/admin-console. Since I am accessing the URL from a different machine I have not used localhost.


      I could see the admin-console is trying to load as I could see the JBoss symbol on the URL bar like below. but I am seeing the blank page for ever. Please help how to get into the admin console login page