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    ReadyCount vs PooledCount

    Collin Novice

      I'm a little bit confused about the difference between these two values that are being reported back from the web-console webapp.

      I've got a Page entity, that, after loading up quite a few of them through normal use in my application, are having these values reported:

      ReadyCount = 180
      PooledCount = 1

      I looked in the jmx-console webapp, and it looks like the EntityContainer MBean reports its CacheSize to be the same value as ReadyCount in the web-console (CacheSize = 180), so I'm assuming these two are the same.

      I had initially thought that the PooledCount was the number of entity instances that were in the container pool but had not yet been ejbActivated().

      My question is, then, what exactly does the PooledCount mean and how does that differ from ReadyCount? Would it be better to have that value be greater than 1 ? (I'm assuming yes?)

      Many thanks,