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    Richfaces 4.x with JSF 2.1.28

    Wang Liyu Apprentice


      I recently tried to update the JSF to 2.1.28 with using Richfaces 4.2.3.Final or Richfaces 4.3.5.Final, and I had issue with AJAX calls. not sure if this is Richfaces issue or JSF issue.

      My setup is JSF2.1.28, Richfaces 4.2.3.Final (or 4.3.5.Final), WELD 2.1.2.Final, Tomcat 7.0.50, on the client is IE browser.

      The ajax call will stuck, I looked into the JSF.js, seems it added new method from 2.1.28,


      var getEncodedUrlElement = function getEncodedUrlElement(form) {

                  var encodedUrlElement = form['javax.faces.encodedURL'];



                  if (encodedUrlElement) {

                      return encodedUrlElement;

                  } else {

                      var formElements = form.elements;

                      for (var i = 0, length = formElements.length; i < length; i++) {

                          var formElement = formElements[i];

                          if (formElement.name.indexOf('javax.faces.encodedURL') >= 0) {

                              return formElement;






                  return undefined;



      In IE, form['javax.faces.encodedURL'] is undefined, and the " if (formElement.name.indexOf('javax.faces.encodedURL') >= 0) {" will throw exception before it return. this cause the Browser miss behavior,


      Just wondering is there anybody has the same issue or is Richface 4.x support this version of JSF?