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    Enforce aliases for default-virtual-server

    Petr H Newbie


      when I add another virtual-server with required aliases into the web subsystem configuration and then refer to it via virtual-host in web app jboss-web.xml, things work as expected.

      However how to do the same with the virtual-server that's configured as default-virtual-server? With that one all request pass regardless of the alias setup.


      Basically I want to avoid the need for configuring virtual-host in jboss-web.xml because:

      - it's going to be environment specific thing

      - there seems to be no way to use external jboss-web.xml that would avoid overwrite on each redeployment

      - there seems to be no way to configure one virtual host mapping for the whole ear without having to do it for each war separately


      So the idea is to configure the default virtual server as desired (especially aliases) and then use that one. But in this case alias setup has no effect.


      JBoss EAP 6.2.0