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    Hibernate Deploy Strategy

    Simone Newbie

      Could please anyone let me if there is any documentation for a recommended deployment strategy of an Hibernate persistence layer? I have a stack of Stateless Session Beans talking to an Hibernate layer. Should I go for a simple ear solution?


      Many thanks


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          jae Master

          that will work if you include all the necessary hibernate jars inside the ear.

          if you are going to have other "apps" (multiple ears, etc) that will want to use hibernate, you could place all the libraries inside the "lib" directory as well.

          there are also some other options that you could use as well depending on if you want the ability to do hot deployments, etc.

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            Simone Newbie

            Many thanks! I managed to do that. One more question is how do you bind to declarative transactions, ie avoid the use of programmatic transaction management when running inside a session bean?