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    jBPM 6 console WAR deployed within an EAR

    xmrk Newbie

      In the past our team has assembled various components (exposed as EJBs) along with jBPM 5.4 (as an embedded engine) into an EAR file for deployment.  WIth 6.0, we have decided to use jbpm-console (kie-wb-distribution-wars:jboss-as7).  I haven't yet been able to deploy that WAR within an EAR and I'm hoping someone can provide some direction.  I continue to run into errors, resolve those errors and then run into the next error.  For example, the first error seemed to be resolved by moving the Errai dependencies from the WAR's WEB-INF/lib directory and into the EAR's root /lib directory.  However, now I'm having another issue where mortbay's InitialContextFactory is in the classpath (and I'm attempt to remove it from the classpath).


      I'm hoping someone has already accomplished the feat of deploying kie/jbpm-console in an EAR.  And, that they can share that experience.  I'm also accepting of advice to move away from the EAR strategy and instead stick with a WAR (as WARs are the _new_ EARs, right?).  Or, we may deploy components out individually and wire them up through EJB or JNDI,


      I appreciate any insight and experience on how to proceed.