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    3.2.4RC1 CMP creating table 'Xuser' instead of 'user' -- why

    Chris Lamprecht Newbie

      I'm deploying some CMP entity beans on jboss 3.2.4RC1, and for one of my tables it keeps creating and then using the table 'Xuser' instead of 'user'. I've been deploying the same beans under previous versions (3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3) with no problem. Once it creates the table, it seems to work fine.. but it is ignoring the correct, existing table ("user"). It doesn't do this with any of my other tables. I've searched my source code (and all the deployment descriptors created by XDoclet) for a mis-type of "user", but everything looks fine there.

      I'm using MySQL as my db.

      I just tried removing my existing 'user' table to see if it would create one called 'user' instead of 'Xuser' but it still calls it Xuser:

      23:24:53,375 INFO [User] Created table 'Xuser' successfully.

      If I rename my existing 'user' table to 'xuser', JBoss happily uses it.

      Any ideas?