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    Destroy HTTP threads when idle

    David Sancho Newbie

      Hello guys,


      I am trying to configure my http connector in Jboss 6 in the way that once an http thread is idle, it should not be active and hence, it should not count in the currentThreadCount..


      I have performed a load test which ended up with the following data related to http threads (got this info from jmx-console: http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor?action=inspectMBean&name=jboss.web%3Atype%3DThreadPool%2Cname%3Dhttp-127.0…)

      - currentThreadsBusy = 205

      - currentThreadCount = 205


      A couple of minutes later after the end of the test, we have:

      - currentThreadsBusy = 1 (I guess is the one used by the jmx-console)

      - currentThreadCount = 205


      A thread dump shows that there are 204 http threads in waiting status and 1 in runnable.


      My question is: is there any way to destroy idle http threads? I tried using keepAliveTimeout and also maxSpareThreads (configuring these parameters int he jbossweb/server.xml file), but I did not have the expected result. I would apreciate any possible solution.


      Thanks in advance!