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    BPM Suite : Domain Object storage

    Biju Joseph Newbie

      Basically I was looking for a tool that is capable of making simple screens, with a built in workflow management. I saw the webinar of JBoss BPM Suite, it looks very lucrative to me.  I do have few questions,

      1. I see via UI one could define the domain objects, but how it is stored ?  (Eg:- For the loan workflow, we create an Applicant object, is that getting stored in database in a tabled named "APPLICANT"  or similar ).
      2. Is it possible to define complex domain object graph with multiplicity constraints ( eg: LoanApplication has-many Applicant, or LoanApplication has-one Broker)
      3. I do have some legacy applications that needs data captured by BPM, can I pull that out via database directly ?
      4. Can I apply customizations to the dashboard of "user" (the business user role), so that it will look more like my native application.
      5. Is the source code of BMP suite open ?


      Thank you.


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