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    JBoss AS7 Development Question

    Joseph Fouts Novice

      We are currently developing with JBoss AS7 and DB2.

      Each (10) developer has a local version of JBoss AS7 server with our application deployed on it.

      All 10 of the local JBoss AS7 servers point to the same DB2 database.

      Our application is large and we utilize HornetQ and Infinispan.


      We are NOT clustering.


      Can anyone of the experts tell me if having all of our development independent JBoss AS7 application servers

      pointing to the same db2 database is a bad thing?   Every once in a while we are seeing the database act up.

      Like losing connection or hanging on a database load.  We are wondering if the way that we are sharing the database

      might not be the best way to have our development region setup.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Justin Bertram Master

          Two questions...

          • What specifically are you using the database for?
          • Did you add a new datasource or change one of the existing datasources to point to DB2?


          HornetQ doesn't use a database at all, but I'm not familiar enough with every other component to say whether or not they would actually be using a JDBC datasource.  This seems more likely something in the application realm rather than the application server itself.

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            Joseph Fouts Novice

            Thanks for the help Justin,


            1. The database is really the heart of our application.  We are testing a policy admin application system that deals with many policy, agent and client tables.

            2. No.  The database config for db2 only points to tables used in our application.


            Most of the beans that we use are bean managed so we do our own rollbacks and commits.


            I do have one more question for you.


            When we shutdown the jboss server and it shuts down successfully then I assume that any thing database related is cleaned up.

            If by change our system gets so hosed that jboss can not shut down successfully and we have to reboot the machine.  When this

            happens can we assume that all of the database stuff is still cleaned up properly?




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              Justin Bertram Master

              If the application server doesn't shut down cleanly (i.e. it crashes or has to be killed, etc.) then it's up to the database itself as to how it cleans everything up.  I'm sure different databases handle this situation differently so assuming a particular behavior is probably not a good idea.


              Based on your description of the problem and the application it doesn't sound like this is related to the application server.