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    Need task outcome and task completedOn in TaskSummary in jBPM5.4.0.Final

    Arif Mohammed Novice


         I have a customized task list dashboard in my web application i.e, I have open and completed task lists. In completed task list for every completed task I have to show the date task was completed and any outcome/result of that task. As of now TaskSummary object doesn't have these fields, I know I can get those 2 fields from TaskData i.e, for every TaskSummary I have to fire one more query to get the details and I see it would be problem from performance point of view.


         Is there any reason why these 2 fields are not part of TaskSummary ? Is there any plan to include these fields in future iterations ?

         I guess these are 2 important fields from a task point of view particularly when you are building dashboards for the tasks.