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    Grails plugin for Tattletale


      In case anyone is interested, I have created and published a Grails plugin (http://grails.org/plugin/tattletale) that automatically generates the Tattletale reports based on the provided configuration.  The source is available on GitHub (http://github.com/jdpgrailsdev/grails-tattletale).  It currently does not support all of the configuration options exposed by Tattletale, though I would like to continue to add to it and will update it once 1.2 is final.  Comments (and contributors) are welcome!



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          Good job !

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            Thanks.  It could still use a little polish.  One thing that I would like an opinion on is whether or not to bake in some excludes for the dependencies that Grails itself depends on that contain duplicate classes (even some of their own JARs have duplicate classes between them).  I opted to not exclude anything by default (though support the exclusion if the user chooses), as I felt it was better to let the user see what they are starting with instead of sweeping it under the rug.  There are also a few configuration options that I believe that I am not yet exposing that I need to get in there, though I may hold off until 1.2 is final.