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    cloning a repository using the KIE-WB REST interface

    Shawn Imholte Newbie



      Our current use case is to use a central repository of knowledge for all our various customer specific pieces of knowledge.  As part of our automated testing infrastructure I would like to clone a specific repository from this central location to a KIE-WB instance running somewhere, deploy and exercise a business process all using the REST interface.  I'm running into a problem making a REST call to the remote client to clone a repository from the central location.  Everything works as expected if everything is running on the same box so my assumption is I don't have something configured correctly.  Running on Windows (firewall is open to 8080 and 9418) using the 6.0.1 release of JBPM6 running on AS7.1.1.Final


      In case the above statement is not clear, I want to make a REST call to a KIE-WB instance with a network name "customer-specific" and clone a repository from a KIE-WB instance running on "knowledge-central" e.g.

      POST http://customer-specific:8080/jbpm-console/rest/repositories



             "name": "repo-name",

             "description": null,

             "userName": "user",

             "password": "pass",

             "requestType": "clone",

             "gitURL": "git://knowledge-central:9418/repo-name"



      I'm also unable to clone the repository using a git client from a remote machine, works fine locally.


      Snippets from my Standalone-full.xml file:


      <interface name="public">




      <socket-binding name="git" port="9418"/>


      Any ideas on what the problem might be?  Perhaps my use case is not supported??