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    Infinispan , How to remove all entries in a cache?

    Dinoop P Newbie

      I am using Infinispan version 6.0. I have seen the clearAsync() method in documentation but it is showing deprecated. Is there any equivalent method for for clearAsync() in version 6.0?

      I have also seen the removeCache() method , If I use removeCache(CacheToRemove) and after that if I use getCache(CacheToRemove), can I reuse the same configuration in xml? or  will it  creat anew cache using the basic configuration? I prefer asynchronous removal.


      My requirement is to drop all values from a particular cache dynamically when user hits a reload/clear cache URL


      Thanks in advance


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      Thank you Radoslav. I couldn't reply to you due to some limit reached error. So I am posting here


      My caches are both local and distributed, and some of them are populated when the application is started and some will populate on-demand.

      The deprecation is found in this document http://docs.jboss.org/infinispan/6.0/apidocs/org/infinispan/api/BasicCache.html#clearAsync().


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