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    Use of jboss-ejb3.xml  file in JBoss EAP 61 or JBoss AS7

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      I am migrating a product from EJB 2.1 to EJB 3 which can be currently deployed in JBoss EAP 6.1 and EAP 5.2 and few other servers like WebLogic. From what I understand EJB 3 does not need ejb-jar.xml and every thing can be defined using annotations.

      My question is I see there are jboss-ejb3.xml  and jboss.xml in my existing product which define look up names for resource references and JNDI names for EJBs. I believe since these are Application server specific details we still need them after migration though ejb-jar.xml is not needed. Or is there a way to do away these too similar to ejb-jar.xml.