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    Howto migrate a Glassfish 3 ServerAuthModule to Wildfly

    Manuel Niederkofler Newbie



      our company is currently evaluating the move from Glassfish 3 to Glassfish 4 or Wildfly. While the migration of the selected application to Glassfish 4 was quite a bit of work (mostly due to some heavy bugs in the current 4.0 release), it seemed that the migration to Wildfly was fairly straightforward. Up until the point where I tried to migrate our Security provider.


      For our current applications on Glassfish we connect against a JOSSO infrastructure using a custom ServerAuthModule (SAM; javax.security.auth.message.module.ServerAuthModule) which receives all incoming requests and performs authentication and authorization.


      Can somebody give me information about how to migrate this ServerAuthModule, and how this can be configured in Wildfly. I already tried to deploy the ServerAuthModule as a JAR, and tried to configure the module in the security configurations in Wildfly, but according to the generated server logs, the component isn't activated so far.

      Or how i could accomplish the same things, using a different way.


      Any help would be highly appreciated as the Wildfly experience has been a blast so far for me.