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    Issue in running infinispan clustered Cache Quickstart

    Qadeer Khan Newbie

      I am having issue in running clusteredCache quickstart on my local machine. I have downloaded and installed all the required components (jdk, jdg 6.2 and maven). I dont have any problems running the embeddedcache quickstart. After searching on net, I appended "-Djgroups.bind_Addr= -Djava.net.preferIP4Stack=true" to my java command. I can compile and run the application on two nodes successfully but after a while, I get a message saying "Cluster failed to form". I am getting the same message on output from both nodes.


      This is my java command line:

      java -cp target/classes/:target/dependency/* org.infinispan.quickstart.clusteredcache.replication.Node1 -Djgroups.bind_Addr= -Djava.net.preferIP4Stack=true


      Here is the result of running the above command:


      2014-04-08 11:54:12,145 INFO  [JGroupsTransport] (main) ISPN000078: Starting JGroups Channel

      2014-04-08 11:54:12,560 WARN  [UDP] (main) JGRP000015: the receive buffer of socket MulticastSocket was set to 25MB, but the OS only allocated 20.48MB. This might lead to performance problems. Please set your max receive buffer in the OS correctly (e.g. net.core.rmem_max on Linux)

      2014-04-08 11:54:15,579 INFO  [JGroupsTransport] (main) ISPN000094: Received new cluster view: [dhcp-161-82-11568|0] (1) [dhcp-161-82-11568]

      2014-04-08 11:54:15,582 INFO  [JGroupsTransport] (main) ISPN000079: Cache local address is dhcp-161-82-11568, physical addresses are [fe80:0:0:0:2677:3ff:fe44:bbbc%3:60947]

      2014-04-08 11:54:15,589 INFO  [GlobalComponentRegistry] (main) ISPN000128: Infinispan version: Infinispan 'Infinium' 6.0.1.Final-redhat-1

      2014-04-08 11:54:15,730 INFO  [CacheJmxRegistration] (main) ISPN000031: MBeans were successfully registered to the platform MBean server.

      2014-04-08 11:54:15,744 INFO  [CacheJmxRegistration] (main) ISPN000031: MBeans were successfully registered to the platform MBean server.

      2014-04-08 11:56:15,806 WARN  [ClusterValidation] (main) Cluster failed to form!

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error forming cluster, check the log

          at org.infinispan.quickstart.clusteredcache.replication.AbstractNode.waitForClusterToForm(AbstractNode.java:74)

          at org.infinispan.quickstart.clusteredcache.replication.Node1.run(Node1.java:41)

          at org.infinispan.quickstart.clusteredcache.replication.Node1.main(Node1.java:35)


      Please help