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    Fuse 6.1 with multiple remote containers (ssh) lost connection the following day

    Chandra Mahadevan Newbie

      Hello there,

      I am facing an issue with Fuse 6.1 (fabric) installed in one host and created multiple containers (8 of them includes ESB and AMQ/broker containers) and was successful at the time of creation.

      I started playing with it by creating profiles (features, bundles) & deploying them; however the next day I get the error saying 'Connection Refused' in the fuse log. I could see the 'containers' status in the hawtio as valid/success however the relation to those 'ensemble' (3 containers has fabric) and 'MQ group and broker configruation of Master/Slave disappeared. Now I have the pain of doing it again.

      Just to give an overview of the setup: Installed FUSE 6.1 in host 1. Created 2 containers with fabric profile to make it as an 'ensemble'. Created broker groups with two containers of Master/Slave configuration assigned to two different containers on different hosts (hosts 2 & 3). I have 2 ESB profile containers in two different hosts (2 & 3).

      The issue is that the now all the relation is gone (Didnt change the configuration). Anything to do with the privilege? I thought I was able to create it the first time and I shouldnt have that privilege issue.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.