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    How to get Variables Process from jBPM developed by using kie API

    Carlos Escobar Newbie



      I am using the web application named rewards-basic example based on jbpm 6. The question is how to get Variables Process? Because when I performance startProcess and send the parameter as map of variables,

      that execution returns a org.kie.api.runtime.process.ProcessInstance;


                    Map<String, Object> params =  new HashMap<String, Object>();

                    params.put("username", userInfo.getUsername());

                    params.put("requisitionId", requisitionId);

                    params.put("amount", requisition.getAmount());

                    params.put("requisitionTypeCode", requisition.getRequisitiontypecode());


                    processInstance = processService.startProcess(params);


      But I d like to know if that variables sent as a map were stored and how to retreive them. Those variables were defined into the BPM process definition.



      Thanks in advance