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    Completing tasks started in jBPM 5.4 in jBPM6 - issues with deploymentId

    Evan James Knowles Newbie



      We're upgrading from jBPM 5.4 to jBPM 6. We've gotten over most of the database upgrade issues, but have run into an issue involving the introduction of the deployment ID field in TaskData.


      It seems that deployment ID is being used to track which RuntimeManager was used to start the task originally. In ExternalTaskEventListener.getManager, the RuntimeManager is retrieved from the registry using this deployment ID.


      However, as this is a new field, our older tasks do not have this set. This leads to a null-pointer exception when attempting to retrieve the manager from the registry.


      Obviously we can get around this by updating the database to set a default value for all of the tasks, but perhaps it would be better if this was handled in another way? Any ideas of how I could correct this in our system?