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    "Total BLOCK TIME" constantly increasing

    Mario Varlese Newbie


      I'm rather new at  Jboss Configuration but i'm trying to determine the cause of a performance problem i think being not a trivial one:


      We have an application that shows a dinamically constructed webpage, and even with a single-user doing a single request the

      time it takes to show the result is of many tens of seconds!!

      After many days spent analyzing this problem i came upon the following facts:


      -  the response time is not affected by application server and db server resources  (we have a quad core/ 8 GB RAM as application and a 2 node RAC Oracle as DB).

      - The statistics about the DB Connection Pool collected trough the jmx-console are all similiar to the following:


      Available Connections Count:50

      Max Connections In Use Count: 1

      Connections Destroyed Count:0

      Connections In Use Count:0

      Total Block Time:60

      Average Block Time For Sub Pool:1

      Maximum Wait Time For Sub Pool:2

      Total Timed Out Connections:0


      - The "total Block Time" keeps increasing after every single request.


      With  a log generated by "p6spy", i determined that  the single webpage request generates  over 1400 sql statements, and
      the statements are sequentially executed using a single connection.


      Then I came to the conclusion that  total block time increasing is caused by the fact that when the connection is busy with a

      statement, the following one has to wait  (the statements are all "read-only")


      so i have the following questions:


      - why is used a single connection when the pool has other 49 avalaible?

      - Is it possible to force the "parallelization" of the statements??

      - is there a way to have a detailed log about the connection pool management ??


      Thanks in advance,