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    Exception when accessing resource file in osgi bundle

    Eric Debar Newbie



      I'm trying fuse 6.1 on a AIX server and having a little problem in a bean initialization :


      I created a spring-dm bundle, based on the "com.fusesource.byexample.hellocamel".


      I just add a bean BranchXmlSchemaValidatorBean, wich is declared as follow :


      <bean id="BranchXmlSchemaValidatorBean"


      <property name="schemaPath" value="classpath:DocrouterBranch.xsd" />



      In the class, the method setSchemaPath is : public void setSchemaPath(Resource schemaPath)


      Locally on my pc in eclipse, the route is working fine, BUT on the fuse 6.1 beta server, the route is NOT starting, see the stacktrace below.


      I can say that in the jar file, the xsd is there in the root.


      Can someone tell me the problem ?


      Thanks a lot !