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    Starting byteman without listening on port for commands

    John O'Hara Newbie



      Is it possible to include byteman as a javaagent, without it listening on any port for commands?


      My current use case is;


      I have a java process that forks multiple child java processes.

      I can define command line arguments that are passed to the child processes, but the arguments are identical for each child process.

      I want to inject an identical byteman script into each process, which i can do via the javaagent parameters.

      When the child processes start, the first process to start binds to the default port that byteman uses, 9091, but all other child processes can not bind to that port (i see a "TransformListener() : unexpected exception opening server socket java.net.BindException: Address already in use" exception)

      I can not define the :port command line argument, as the same argument is used to fork each child process.


      Is it possible to start byteman without it binding to any port?


      Thanks in advance