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    min-large-message-size does not reflect number of message bytes

    Bill R Newbie

      We are using HornetQ 2.2.3 with JMS messages.   When we send JMS messages to HornetQ queues, sometimes we get large message files created which we dont want.   Our min-large-message-size is set at 10 Meg.   But messages of only about 5 meg are getting large message files created.


      Far as i can tell, this is because Hornetq stores messages with a 2 byte encoding.  The large message files are double the size of the original text message.


      Is there a way to control how HornetQ stores large messages, so that it uses 1 ascii byte instead of 2 bytes?


      Shouldnt the min-large-message-size parameter reflect the number of characters in the message?


      Does this sound like a bug?



      Bill R