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    Remote EJB-Client accessing EJBs deployed in Wildfly behind HTTP-proxy

    Jochen Reinhardt Newbie

      I wonder if that is possible.

      At the moment, our application runs http-invoker on an older version of JBoss. As http-invoker uses plain HTTP, there is little trouble with proxies on the way. What's the situation with Wildfly?

      I set up a test scenario using a simple squid as HTTP proxy, but results are rather discouraging. System properties http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort seem to be ignored.


      My understanding is: the http-remoting implementation on the client starts talking HTTP to the server.

      Can the client be configured to use an HTTP-proxy for that?

      After the initial HTTP requests, the protocol is 'upgraded', but still uses the same TCP stream.

      How would a proxy react on such an upgrade?

      Is it possible to communicate via HTTP-proxy that way at all?