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    Null Pointer Exception

    Hector Caicedo Newbie

      Hi everyone   I've been creating a fairly complex process with   jBPM v6.1 beta2. This process uses several "Service Task" custom created nodes. After a while of editing properties I begin receiving a null pointer exception error. The big problem with this was that I could not longer edit the process on the web editor. Playing around with the code I found that correcting the source code on two places fix the problem:


      1) In the file



         line 1475. Replace this

          if(dia.getTargetRef().getId().equals(din.getId())) {


         with this

          if(dia.getTargetRef() != null && dia.getTargetRef().getId().equals(din.getId())) {


      2) In the file


        line 93 replace this

         if ( "sourceRef".equals(subNode.getNodeName()))


      with this

         if (subNode != null && subNode.getNextSibling() != null && "sourceRef".equals(subNode.getNodeName()))


      Now the process is back working again and I can fix the problem that prevent the deployment on first place