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    How to reset form fields and rerender the form?

    Jiří Holuša Newbie



      I'm stuck at pretty simple task: I have a search form where the search criteria are stored is SearchCriteriaSession bean, so it could be remembered and pre-filled. And I want to add reset button to that form that would: 

      1) clear the criteria from bean, therefore call clearSearchCriteria() method of the bean
      2) rerender the form, so the fields would be empty


      Here's my code and I have no idea why it's not working:



      <h:form id="criteriaForm">
      <div class="controls">
      <h:inputText type="text" id="testName" value="#handlingBean.criteria.testName}" />

      //more input fields but with same format

      div class="form-actions">
      <r:commandButton action="#searchCriteriaSession.clearSearchCriteria}" value="Reset" render="@form :criteriaForm" />

      The searchCriteriaSession.clearSearchCriteria just clears criteria. When I debug it I see it correctly cleared. Even when I refresh the page the form clears, so the problem is that the render attribute is not working correctly, I guess.


      Does anybody can please help me?


      P.S.: I'm using RichFaces, this maven artifact: