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    Activemq topic and durable subscribers

    George Prosin Newbie

      Hello all! I'm working on this problem a lot of time now and can't seem to find any final solution to it.

      I have a message producer that should work as a broadcaster, posting messages on two different topics. The publisher's posting process follows the flow :


      -Creating connection to the factory and starting it.

      -Creating session

      -Creating Message Producer by using the session and a given topic Name

      -Sending n* of messages

      -Waiting n seconds

      -Closing producer,session,connection


      Then i have 3 consumers subscribed to those topics by using the following configuration(each consumer has it's own id and durableSubName):


      <route id="consumerOneRoute">

              <from uri="activemq:topic:topicName?clientId=consumerOneId&durableSubscriptionName=ConsumerOneName" />

                                      <bean ref="consumerBean" method="processMessage" />



      The fact is that my consumers don't always receive the messages, atleast not all of them. Sometimes two of the consumers get all the messages and the 3rd one don't get any, sometimes random consumer receive random number of messages and so on...

      One more fact that i noticed is that if i stop the broker and start it again, the consumers will receive the missing messages, and i really can't understand why won't that happen during the 1st lifetime of the broker.

      Would anyone be so kind and try to aid me?


      Thank you for your consideration,



      P.S : I was thinking about using virtual topics though since my main purpose is to have a broadcasting producer that will allow other consumers to attach in the future i don't want to have the need of modifyin' the producer everytime by adding another virtual branch to the main topic.