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    NTA Contribution - A REST API to query NTA data

    Amila Palahepitiya Gamage Newbie



      This contribution aims on implementing a REST API for the NTA module to expose the data processed. In addition, a sleek new UI would be developed to represent the data queried by the API. This would eventually replace the current JSF implementation in the NTA module.


      The REST API would be implemented using the RESTEasy framework developed by Jboss: RESTEasy - JBoss Community and the new UI will be implemented using the JavaScript MVC framework named AngularJs: http://angularjs.org/


      An initial discussion with the NTA team (Paul Robinson and Tom Jenkinson) has been carried out and it was proposed that a link to the REST API documentation to be placed here for community feedback: http://docs.ntarestapi.apiary.io/ (The feedback could be written as comments in the apiary document).


      The DB design for NTA is attached below. This will give an idea of how the entities are related and how the API will query these entities.





      Looking forward to any feedback and suggestions.


      Thank You,




      P G Amila Prabandhika