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    migration from infinispan to another cache vendor

    Francesco Sclano Newbie

      I have to migrate from infinispan to coherence.


      I'm currently using infinispan 6.0 in following modes:


      - library mode,

      - replicated

      - transactional


      Obviously I have to modify the current code of my project for regarding cache configuration/initialization and some other proprietary stuff like cache listener provided by infinispan. Anyway, both infinispan and coherence use java.util.Map as super interface of their cache implementations. So, if I'd initialize cache as follows:


      java.util.Map cache = ... // proprietary instruction for coherence or infinispan initialization


      could I use in my code java.util.Map for every get/put/remove invocation in place of org.infinispan.Cache and com.tangosol.net.cache.CacheMap? In other words, I'm expecting to obtain a kind of portable source code. Am I right?


      Furthermore, could you please tell me what modifications I have to do in my code in order to migrate from infinispan to coherence.


      Many Thanks