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    jBPM 5.4 Can I Set ProcessInstance To Be Permanently Present In Memory When Using Persistence

    Jan Stastny Newbie



      I know that this is probably a known thing, that jBPM 5.4 and timer events don't work well when using persistence. But I want to know, whether there is a workaround for my problem.

      I have only one instance of process, which contains timer event, throughout whole app. I use StatefulKnowledgeSession, which is applicationScoped. But when I switch to JPAKnowledgeService to provide knowledge session, then the timer event stops work.

      It occured to me, that the process instance is probably persisted and as it is waiting for the timer event to occur, it is removed from working memory, thus the timer event node don't fire. It is only my guess, I have not any evidence of that fact. Is it possible, that it might be the case? Or is there another reason?

      Can I set a processinstance to be permanently hold within the working memory, or it is not possible?

      I use the process with timer event to regularly trigger actions.


      Any suggestion appreciated.