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    Hibernate and JPA 2.1 @Converter

    xsa lefter Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I just try to implements converter in my project. Unfortunately it's doesn't work even with simple case. Is this bug, or there's something wrong with my code? The test case is here:



      Running NonManagedUserDAOTest always put upper case value in the database. On the other side, if I change 'MALE' to 'Male' in database, this would lead to

      "Unknown name value [Male] for enum class [org.xsalefter.springjpaconverter.entity.Gender]".


      Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


      - Hibernate Version = 4.3.5.Final.

      - I put "JBoss  AS 7" in "In A Place" below, since "Hibernate" is unavailable.