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    Mysql query cache

    Nate Drake Newbie


      We are using Jboss with Mysql 4.0.15. Everything runs fine, but we are now looking into tuning Mysql. One thing we've discovered in Mysql's query cache.

      I've successfully got the cache turned on and working when running queries through Mysql's command-line client. When I run our app, none of the queries are getting cached.

      Is it possible to use the query cache with Entity beans? Has anyone gotten it working?



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          Sascha Kulawk Newbie


          no - the query cache should only work in "autocommit" environments - so you only can patch the jdbc driver and not use any transaction in your entity bean....

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            Simon Godden Newbie

            Can someone explain why the autocommit option has any impact on the MySQL query cache?

            Being simplistic - isn't it just a case of issuing a query to the MySQL server, it finding it in its cache, and then using the cached results?

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              Simon Godden Newbie

              If you want to use the query cache with InnoDB tables, you need to install MySQL 4.1 or greater.

              We have done so, and can see that all finder statements are being hit in the query cache now.

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                Al Caponi Newbie

                Hi All,
                I'm facing the same problem - Queries from JBoss app are not inserted into MySQL query cache - and neither MySQL 4.1.14 nor 5.0.13RC could solve it.
                Do EJB transactions have any impact on that behaviour? What are the params/factors that affect the use of query cache?

                I've got my app running on the following:
                JBoss 3.2.2. (Unable to upgrade right now)
                MySQL 4.0.20d, 4.1.14, 5.0.13RC (Tried all of them)

                I have switched on the query_cache as follows:


                It's working fine from MySQL-Front.


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                  Al Caponi Newbie

                  Hi again,
                  The query cache finally works after I've reverted to

                  The problem was that the query cache somehow wouldn't work within
                  transactions with mysql-connector-java-3.1.10-bin.jar. Anyone care to dig

                  Here is one working combination:
                  Jboss 3.2.2 with transactions
                  JDBC: mm.mysql-2.0.12-bin.jar (3.1.10 doesn't work for me)
                  MySQL: 4.1.14 (Haven't tried 5.0)

                  Extract from http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/query-cache-how.html
                  ' In MySQL 4.0, the query cache is disabled within transactions (it does not
                  return results). Beginning with MySQL 4.1.1, the query cache also works
                  within transactions when using InnoDB tables (it uses the table version
                  number to detect whether or not its contents are still current).'