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    jboss-5.1.0 auto reconnect check stops after few hours

    senthil kumar Newbie


      i am using jboss-5.1.0 and using following settings in my jboss startup xml file to autoreconnect jboss after db outage/ network failure.

      "CustomOracleValidConnectionChecker" is my new java class which extending the org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.vendor.OracleValidConnectionChecker class. i am checking the available connections are valid or invalid for every five minutes using isValidConnection check. Its working fine initially which means couple of hours only after restarting jboss. Every five minutes i will right a log like 'connection is valid' or 'connection is invalid' by using the result of isValidConnection check. I am getting the logs in my log file first 2 hours or 3 hours only. After that connection check not happening and there are no logs whether connection is valid or invalid and also autoreconnect with db and jboss not happening. i tested it multiple times. No result.








      I am sure connection check is not happening after a couple of hours. How do i resolve this issue?.


      Any help thanks in advance.