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    jboss see good datasources but use wrong ones

    a_wronski Newbie


      I wrote application (ejb/cmp + web/struts, jboss 3.2.3) and it works great. I want to deploy the same application but with different datasource and different layout.

      So I've changed:
      - layout (jsp files)
      - datasource in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml
      - all jndi-name of all beans to different
      - and rebuild ejb.jar, war, and create new ear with different filename.

      After that I've deployed my apps one again. Deploy phase went ok, without any errors. First deployed app works great but the second one (with different layout, datasource...) use datasource form the first one!

      I've changed order and first deployed second app and than first. But the problem is the same. Second deployed app always use datasource from first app.

      I've checked jbosscmp-jdbc.xml and datasource and are correct in each ear. JBoss event create missing database tables during deploy in correct datasource but later during method call on beans always use only the first source for both my apps.

      What can be the problem?

      Please help,