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    Attachments and the Human Task

    Tim McClure Apprentice

      I noticed when installing JBPM 6.0 there is an attachment table - does this mean there is support for attachments in JBPM 6.0 through a human task.  Basically want the ability for a user to dd attachments in a work and allow them to be passed along across tasks -- is there anything built into JBPM to support this today?



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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Tim,

          sorry for my late reply, and you are right Task Attachments are supported internally by the task service. You can add attachments using the APIs, we are working on a way to integrate this with the Form Modeller and the Task List UI as we speak, so it will be ready for the next version. But because this is already supported by the engine you can access via the local APIs (directly using the Java APIs) if you want to.