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    Getting serialized CMP Field generates update?

    caetanovendrami Newbie

      I'm just getting a serialized field from an entity bean and the container generates an update on the field.

      ic = new InitialContext();
      MarcaHome home = (MarcaHome) ic.lookup("icarros/Marca");
      Marca marca=home.findByPrimaryKey(id);
      ImgData im=(ImgData) marca.getImagem();

      and postgres logs:

      query: UPDATE marca SET imagem='{serialized data}' WHERE id=20

      I did not even change the im instance. By the way, for each update in the instance I get an extra update. Is that normal? There is a way to have a copy of the serialized class field decoupled from jboss?

      Thanks in advance (and sorry by my english.. :))