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    Using storeAsBinary causes RemoteCache.get() to return MarshalledValue

    Mark K Newbie

      When I use the storeAsBinary option in my caches, the remote caches (using Hot Rod Client) return a MarshalledValue rather than the cached object instance.  This poses a problem because the same code cannot be used for remote and embedded caches via BasicCache. This does not occur when storeAsBinary is not used.


      The second problem is that the BasicCache generic type is typed to the cached object, and so, returning a type of cached object fails with a ClassCastException. Is there something I am missing which will return to me the cached type, rather than MarshalledValue without needing code to check the type everytime I do a get() from the cache?


      I am using Infinispan 6.0.2.Final.