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    REST API - Obtaining the list of processes/variables for a process

    Dragos Sinca Newbie



      I need to integrate a stand-along jBPM 6 running on Tomcat (persistence through an Oracle db) with an external system; one of the required actions is to start processes from the external system.


      In order to do this, I need to:

      1. present the user with the list of available process definitions in jBPM (to select which one to start)

      2. present the user with the list of variables he needs to fill in order to start the selected process


      For item 1, I could try to use JaxbCommandsRequest with get-process-ids command (available in 6.0.1 Final from what I've seen), through a [POST] /runtime/{deploymentId}/execute - but how would I know all the deploymentIds?.


      For item 2 - didn't found anything, it seems like no command is available for that.


      Note that the external system has no knowledge on the existing deployments/processes in jBPM - those can be dynamically updated by another jBPM user/admin through the console, so I cannot rely on my user to know/provide the deployment id, process id or process variables - I need to provide those for the user from jBPM.

      Any idea on how to accomplish it?


      Dragos Sinca