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    JBOSS QL Information

    zapa Newbie

      Hello ,

      I've been writting EJB's for some time and one of the biggest problems i have with them is the limited functionality of the EJB QL . I have heard in a few places of JBOSS QL , and I have tried a few internet searches for more info .

      I am looking for at least a detailed list of what functionality JBOSS QL has . I was not able to find anything on google or on this site so I was wondering if anybody could point me to the right place , if there is one .


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          Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

          Check the (for pay) documentation.


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            Frank van Westerop Newbie

            Great. JBOSS is Open Source but Closed Documentation, right?

            Well I actually bought the JBoss Administration & Development docs for 2.4.x sometime and all that's in there is info on the architecture and other stuff which seems only of interrest to folks *building* application servers instead of *using* them. Money wasted for me. No EJB-QL or JBOSS-QL stuff in there. I assume the same goes for the newer docs on 3.2.x.

            What payed docs would you recommend on JBOSSS-QL then? I don't want to waste money again on internal server docs.


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              Darran Lofthouse Master

              Yes the current version of the Administrators and Developers Guide does contain JBoss-QL information.

              Not sure if anyone has added information to the Wiki on this subject yet.

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                Alexey Loubyansky Master

                Since 3.2.4 we also now have a new EJBQL compiler that is not documented yet. I'll update the wiki evetually.
                In standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml in the defaults you can see


                This is the compiler we have been using so far. You can change it to

                in the defaults or even per query like:

                This compiler is EJBQL2.1 compatible and uses INNER and OUTER joins and subqueries. Of course, it won't work with databases that do not support this functionality.